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Yorkshire Lean Meat

Yorkshire Lean Meat a local Yorkshire company with an online butchers were looking to increase their footfall online.

Their website, although fairly up to date wasn’t seeing the results they were expecting and asked TIG to take a look and suggest what to do.

The design team and digital team sat down and realised that the problems were coming from the user strategy and SEO. SEO being the main problem, the digital team found that by improving the SEO and increasing keyword tags and ensuring h1 and h2 tags were up to date and introducing a web marketing and social media plan they were sure to see an increase in customers on the website.

The designers tweaked the look of the homepage and all the products were taken into TIG photography to refresh the look of the products.

A new web marketing strategy was set up to start as soon as the website went live and social media was set in place to send out new and refreshing content to their followers.

After going live the website is going from strength, sales are being made, the website looks refreshed and professional, more and more customers are noticing Yorkshire Lean meat.

The plan for the future is to completely rejuvenate the website with a new cms system, look and plan. Watch this space!!

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