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What are the advantages of email marketing?

Email marketing is alive and well, and it’s arguably the most profitable means of marketing. Here’s why:

Brand awareness

Regular email marketing helps your customers and potential customers remember you’re there. Even if they do not open the email or follow its call to action, there is a good chance they will have seen it arrive in their inbox and that, alone, helps people recall your brand when they’re ready to make a buying decision.

Demonstrate expertise

Of course, you can use email marketing to blatantly advertise a special offer or a new product or service. But more than that, you can also use your content to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Sharing information and insights with your readers will help them see you as the ‘go to’ expert in your field.

Get visitors to talk about you

If your email contains great content there’s a strong chance your readers will do your marketing for you by sharing it with their associates. Use social media to promote your content and you’ve covered all bases.

Fast to produce

Email marketing campaigns can be developed and dispatched within a matter of minutes – not hours or days as is the case with printed mail-shots. This means you can quickly get an offer on the table or respond to a competitor’s marketing tactics.

Build relationships

Because your audience can opt in/opt out of receiving email marketing, you are better informed about who is genuinely interested in your products/services. This helps you create more targeted campaigns and build a dialogue around the topics they’re interested in.

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