Product & Commercial Photography
Studio Facilities & Location Shoot

A flair for lighting, visual effects and subtlety of angles is the essence of great photography. Not surprisingly, our skillful photographers have exceptional flair.

Pictures with impact tell stories.

The old adage “pictures paint a thousand words” is absolutely true. Photography needs to grab our attention and evoke an emotion. It is a powerful language that allows us to afford an opinion or permit us to tell a story. Used throughout all strategic marketing material the use of well executed photography can make or break promotional campaigns.

Whether your need is for B2B or B2C marketing our photography experts are here to help. We provide moving or still imagery for marketing communications; whatever the discipline; and we assure you this kind of focus will help evolve your brand and tell the story of who you are.


TIG Photography Services:

  • Digital photo capture technology
  • Exhibition displays and signage
  • Studio and location photography
  • Model/lifestyle experience portfolios
  • Creative background and prop shoots
  • Single product to large volume photo shoots
  • Creative cut-outs/drop shadow techniques
  • Image manipulation/colour correction/photo retouching